How To Find Architecture Jobs

Architecture jobs can be hard to find: most aren’t widely advertised, and competition is strong. But with a little persistence and detective work, you can secure the right architecture job.

Contact your alma mater. Your university might keep a list of graduates available for recruiters. You should contact alumni services, the career center, and former professors and let them all know that you’re looking for an architecture job.

Go green. As global warming and climate change continue to worsen, individuals and companies across the globe are looking for ways to reduce the carbon footprint. Take some classes in environmentally-friendly building design to stay on the cutting edge.

Think showrooms. Home remodeling centers and furniture stores with large showrooms often employ someone with architectural experience to create aesthetically pleasing and efficient showrooms.

Network. Let your friends, family, colleagues, and classmates know that you’re looking for a job. Use online social networking sites like Facebook and LinkedIn to keep up with contacts, and attend architecture-related conferences and social events. You never know when somebody you meet could help you find that perfect architecture job.

Know your local firms.In all your online searching and networking, don’t forget to check out the local architecture firms. Look up their websites and contact the HR departments. Even if they aren’t hiring, send them a resume – when a job opens up, your contact information will already be in their files.