Architecture Jobs Search Tips

Consider self-employment. About one in every five architects is self-employed. Going it alone may be what you need – you can set your own hours and choose your own clients. To be successful you should approach it like a small business – with marketing, great client service, and word-of-mouth referrals. A website, business cards, and portfolio are essential.

Review your qualifications. Take some time to analyze your skills. Have you completed your degree and license? If not, take some steps toward that end. You might want to consider certification by the National Council of Architectural Registration Boards. In many states, this can make it easier to get licensed.

Revamp your resume. You want to accurately represent your education, accomplishments, and employment history without being too wordy. Highlight the relevant material, customizing it for each position when possible. Begin with your most recent history and work backwards. Ideally, you should have two resumes – one for printing out on nice heavy paper, and another for online submission.

Finally, make sure to have someone else proofread your resume – nothing is more embarrassing than typos or grammatical errors.

Be a free intern. If you can afford to, offer your services to a local architecture firm for free, through internship. This is a great way to gain experience, knowledge, and industry contacts.

Let no stone go unturned. Use every tool at your disposal to find the right architecture job for your skills. Sit down with the local classified section of the newspaper on a regular basis, check online search engines regularly, review company websites, and send your resume to local firms and contacts.

Follow up on any job leads. After you send the resume with a cover letter or email, don’t just assume everything got to the right desk. A quick call or email to thank your contact for the opportunity and to draw their attention to your file will do wonders for your job search.