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Behind every building you’ve ever seen is a hard-working architect. If you like organizing space to create productivity and beauty, then a career in architecture might be right for you.

Architects are licensed professionals who design, plan, and implement the construction of new buildings and structures. Most of us think that architects design beautiful high-rise office glass buildings and skyscrapers, but architecture jobs involve much more than that. Every hospital, church, synagogue, mosque, home, and shopping center needs to be functional, safe, and economical, in addition to having an attractive design – and architects make it happen.

Education – To qualify for architecture jobs, you must have a professional degree in architecture from an accredited school, and a license gained by passing the Architect Registration Exam. Before candidates can qualify for the licensure exam, they must have at least three years of experience working in an architectural field, usually as an intern.

Types of architecture jobs – Architects work in a variety of settings and at all different levels. Building design is just one type of architecture. If you have a degree in architecture but do not want to become a traditional architect, numerous jobs can take advantage of your education: landscape architecture, civil engineering, urban and regional planning, and design. Interior designers, commercial and industrial designers, and graphic designers often have degrees in architecture.

Job outlook – According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, employment of architects is expected to grow significantly over the next decade, but with strong competition for the most prestigious jobs.

Continued population growth will fuel the need for more homes, offices, schools, and school administration buildings. Increased longevity and the aging baby boomer population will expand the need for assisted living centers, senior housing developments, and hospitals. This is a good time to be looking for architecture jobs.

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